Alien Crusher + Liquid Greenstuff Impressions

AVP - Hunt Begins

So I started to work on my Alien Crusher, as I’d been putting off for a while because of some horrendous gaps in the model:

But after trying regular greenstuff, I wasn’t convinced. I had heard about GW’s Liquid Greenstuff, but with mixed impressions. So I just went and bought some to form my own opinion.

It goes on quite nicely, but I felt like I had to really stuff it into the cracks. Also to get rid of the globs i had to smooth out with water. It also scrapes off quite nicely once its dried. I needed two coats to be happy with the coverage:

So much less messy than regular greenstuff! So I got the bug, and started work on the model. Annoyingly, my Crusher didnt come with a base. So I had to pinch one from an old model. I went for a scifi theme, taking inspiration from Alien Isolation.

The Alien was actually super straightforward. A black primer, light grey drybrush then a highlighting drybrush with sky blue. Finally, gloss varnish on the head for a shine. Ive always been confused by how to tackle Xeno’s, but Im really proud of this one.



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