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Here are my test pieces for Wehrmact camo.

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£1 Charity Shop House

Bolt Action, Terrain

So I picked up this porcelain house from a charity shop for a £1. its scale looked perfect for Bolt Action – and I thought I would fix it up.

It was made out of this weird porcelain shit which was an absolute nightmare to cut – but I don’t give up. First I wanted to remove the ground layer and mount it on a proper base.

As I went at it I totally fucked it up, and pulled away a bunch of the brickwork too 😦 I fixed it by adding supports and filled the gaps with filler and green stuff.


Once that was done, it was a case of painting it up:


A bit scruffy: but a dry-brush and some flock later and voila.

Alien Crusher + Liquid Greenstuff Impressions

AVP - Hunt Begins

So I started to work on my Alien Crusher, as I’d been putting off for a while because of some horrendous gaps in the model:

But after trying regular greenstuff, I wasn’t convinced. I had heard about GW’s Liquid Greenstuff, but with mixed impressions. So I just went and bought some to form my own opinion.

It goes on quite nicely, but I felt like I had to really stuff it into the cracks. Also to get rid of the globs i had to smooth out with water. It also scrapes off quite nicely once its dried. I needed two coats to be happy with the coverage:

So much less messy than regular greenstuff! So I got the bug, and started work on the model. Annoyingly, my Crusher didnt come with a base. So I had to pinch one from an old model. I went for a scifi theme, taking inspiration from Alien Isolation.

The Alien was actually super straightforward. A black primer, light grey drybrush then a highlighting drybrush with sky blue. Finally, gloss varnish on the head for a shine. Ive always been confused by how to tackle Xeno’s, but Im really proud of this one.


How to magnetise Bolt Action infantry for storage

Bolt Action

So I found myself needing decent storage for my Bolt Action stuff, and I heard on the grapevine that people were using biscuit tins to store/transport their stuff. So magnets would be perfect to stop them sliding about and damaging each other.

I picked up a bunch of these magnets from eBay for around £2. I initially tried smaller magnets, but they didn’t have the same hold as these wider ones.


This is a 3mm x 0.5mm magnet from eBay.

Step 1:

Blu tac your magnet to the base, and use a Sharpie to trace round the outside. this gives us a guide to where to drill/cut. Pick somewhere nearish the centre of the base to give it a solid hold.


Step 2:

Next with a hobby drill, we cut a hole. We want this to be as flush with the base as possible, so make sure to test fit your magnet after you get close to the edges of your guidelines.

Step 3:

Once you’ve got a good fit, pop a bit of blu tac on the top side of the base and slide the magnet into place. This will keep it nice and secure while we glue it. Again, make sure its flush.


Step 4:

Drop some super glue round the perimeter of the base to adhere it to the plastic.


Step 5:

Cut the excess blue tac off the top of the mini, and super glue in the top as well. It doesn’t matter if there is a little bit of excess blue tac, as you’ll cover this anyway. once its dry, you can fill in the gap with green stuff, modelling putty, or flock/static grass.



Here is how well these magnets hold. I gave it a vigorous shake to see if it would slide around and nope! It holds strong. Perfect for decent, cheap storage and transporting. Ive also heard of people using brownie trays to transport and store things which this also works perfectly for. Super cheap and easy to do, and so useful!

i hope this helps someone, and if you have any feedback on my process or things I could do better, I’d love to hear it.




Not a 40K person really, but I had a go at some of these terminator bois as they seemed fun to paint. it was my first paint job where i had all parts unglued until fully painted, and it was super useful so i could get into those tricky areas.